Aztech DSL5068EN

PPPoE checking

  1. Before accessing the modem GUI, the customer must be connected to the modem either via WiFi or LAN cable (wired).
  1. The modem’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be accessed by typing in the browser’s address bar. 


3. On the lower left corner, you’ll see the WAN set-up this is where PPPoE is found. If provisioned incorrectly, click the Disconnect Button

6. Input the PPPoE credentials, username and password can be found in ICS or DSL Utility.

7. Then click the Connect button found under WAN connection. The correct PPPoE credentials should appear once connected.


if PPPOE is LOCKED (uneditable/grayed out), perform the ff steps below to unlock:


  1. Disable port in NMS u2000 
  2. Refresh page (  and confirm with client if PPPOE is now editable ; with this you can now proceed with PPPOE checking
  3. Enable port

Note : This is not applicable/working with ZTE modem