How to change WIFI name and password

1. Device must be connected to the modem either via Ethernet/LAN cable or WiFi before accessing the modem GUI.

2. The modem's Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be accessed by typing in the browser's address bar. (can access using  any browser)

3. Scroll down the page, On the upper right part, Click Setup to log-in.

4. Input userfor the username and tattoo@home for the password, then click Login.

5. Click the WLAN tab  → next click WLAN Basic Configuration. This section allows you to change the wireless settings of the modem.

6. On Changing the wireless SSID Name (WiFi username) or WPA pre-shared key (WiFi password).  Click the box and enter your preferred SSID or pre-shared key then select Apply.

You will notice that other device will be disconnected to WIFI connection, if you want those devices to be connected to your WIFI internet,  Go to to your Phone/Laptop Settings, disabled then enabled your WIFI connection, search on your WIFI name, then enter the new password.

Note: The default WiFi username and password can also be seen on the label sticker underneath the modem. (SSID and WLAN key)