Prolink H5004NK


How to change WIFI name and password


Before we proceed with the changed WIFI password. Kindly ensure that you have computer(Desktop/Laptop) directly connected to modem via LAN(Local Area Network).


            Note : You can use your wireless device if it’s currently connected to WIFI but expect that your device will automatically disconnected to WIFI  once the changed WIFI password has been made.

  1. To go to Graphical User Interface (GUI) of your modem, Open any installed browser(Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla etc.) on your desktop/Laptop then type the in address bar then press enter.

  2. Once the GUI of your modem has been loaded successfully, Scroll down to the bottom then you will see a “SETUP” button and click it.

  3. A login page will prompt after you click the SETUP button. Use the following default credential below.
                              • Username : user
                              • Password : user


         4. Once you are successfully logged in, click the “Setup” menu then click the “WLAN” tab. Submenu will show. Under “Basic” you will see the SSID textbox, on that textbox you can change your WIFI name. Click “Apply Changes” button once done.

          5. To change your WIFI password, Under “WLAN” tab click the “Security”. You will see the “Pre-Shared Key” Textbox, on that textbox you can change your WIFI password. Click the “Apply Changes” button once done.