How to change WIFI name and password

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1. Before accessing the modem GUI, your device must be connected to the modem either via Ethernet/LAN cable or WiFi.

2. The modem’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be accessed by typing in the browser’s address bar. 

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3. Click the login button on the upper right part of your screen. Input user for both username and password, then click Login.

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4. On the left side, click NetworkWLAN and SSID Settings. 

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5. Enter your preferred SSID (WiFi username) on the SSID name line in the middle part of your screen.

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6. Under Network, click WLAN and Security. Enter your preferred Passphrase (WiFi password ) on the Passphrase line in the middle part of your screen.

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7. Scroll down the page, On the lower right part, click Submit.2019-07-22.png (171×40)

You will notice that other device will be disconnected to WIFI connection, if you want those devices to be connected to your internet,  Go to to your Phone/Laptop Settings, disabled then enabled your WIFI connection, search on your SSID, then enter the new password.